Everyday life

Taking orders


Among the row of shophouses opposite bugis street, there is one that sells the usual 鱼圆面 (fireball noodles) and 肉脞面 (mince pork noodles). The queue was pretty long but they had a system which I thought was pretty impressive. The cashier would write orders down on a sheet of paper they pin onto the plastic board-in blue. Of course they use acronyms and the like. The person cooking will prepare the noodles and sauce (chilli or not) and the toppings, and every time an order goes out she will strike off with a red marker. Finally, she hands over the ingredients for a chef who just cooks whatever is handed to him.

This looks like a system that works really well but unfortunately it is only as good as the people who use it. Mistakes were made- orders were taken wrongly and food was prepared wrongly.

One lady was so disgusted with her wrong order she had this ‘you are useless’ tone. I hope that people can be more forgiving. Try working under such pressure everyday. Least you could do is to not take their mistakes at heart. Why should you have this sense of entitlement?


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