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A breath of fresh air

IMG_3223Tabo Cottage in Lake Toba.

Lake Toba is a slice of heaven in Southeast Asia. Formed when the volcano erupted and the top of the mountain collapsed to form a huge crater, it is, I think one of the biggest, if not biggest lakes in Southeast Asia.

We stayed in this lovely resort called Tabo Cottages. Run by a local Samosir guy and a German lady, the rooms and buildings are beautifully designed and tastefully furnished. The food is excellent and the facilities are fantastic.

Samosir Island, in the middle of Lake Toba, is about the size of Singapore. Sparsely inhabited and surrounded by water, it is the perfect city-getaway I was looking for. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, away from the crowd, away from consumerism and capitalism. Just surrounded by a peace wrought by nature, just observing the simple lives of people working hard to make a living, just partaking in the simple of joys of young people – playing the guitar on the mountain top.

Yes, I know the grass is always greener on the other side. Yes, I know I’m indulging in escapism. But just for a few hours, it is extremely liberating to imagine that I have no responsibilities.

IMG_3339Our journey there: 

From Medan Polonia airport, we wanted to look for Tobali Tour in Medan city. However, our cab driver refused to bring us there, and instead brought us to some other taxi company. This taxi company had a service that was heading to Parapat, but was only leaving 1.5 hrs later. So we paid 600k rp for a private taxi service to bring us to Parapat. The journey took around 5 hours. At Parapat, we took the 6pm boat to Tuk-tuk. Journey time was about 40-50 mins. The boat dropped us directly at Tabo Cottage. Last boat from Parapat to Tuk-tuk is at 7pm. Long journey indeed.



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