Cycling on the road

It has been a while since I hit the road with a bike, but today, I was feeling especially adventurous. Perhaps the light drizzle provided an additional thrill factor that persuaded me to flirt with the devil.

I didn’t go very far–just a little over 1km down towards the South and then back. But I did most of it on the road. The thing about Singapore’s roads, it is a joy to ride on. The surfaces are so flat, so well maintained. You hardly get any bumps and cracks in the roads (which are present every metre on London roads) are a rarity. The tarmac is fine-grained, not the coarse grained ones in London. I cycled very close to the yellow lines, but even cycling on the yellow line was a pleasant affair. No bumps, no sudden cracks or change in gradient.

Its a shame roads of such great quality are almost exclusively enjoyed by motorised traffic. Non-motorised traffic users such as cyclists are far and few in between, and honestly, I do feel as if I’m risking my life on the road.

A couple of good points though. Most drivers gave way to me (when I had the right of way). At junctions, when passing by minor roads joining onto the main road. There was only one instance where a bus driver turning into the main road seemed as if he was going to go ahead, ignoring my right-of-way. Not wanting to risk even the slightest injury, I slowed until I was sure he had stopped before carrying on.

But then I was travelling in the evening after the PM peak. When roads aren’t congested and drivers aren’t frustrated about being stuck in traffic. I’m not surprised that they are more amicable to cyclists then. Especially one on a pink bike cycling in the rain :P.

Here’s a picture of my Brommie (& my lovely new climbing gear).



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