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The Great Gatsby

I’ve been waiting for the release of this movie ever since I got news that they were producing it.

I was busy when it was released and only managed to catch it two and a half weeks later. At which point I’d already heard many criticism about it.

So I entered with minimal expectations, banking on Leonardo Dicaprio’s talent to carry the show through.

But I needn’t had worried. For me, the movie didn’t disappoint. Fitzgerald’s words tumbled out of screen right off the bat and I just lapped it up. The important scenes in the book – the coal dumping ground, the blacks in the limousine, the green light,Gatsby’s smile were all featured. Perhaps Nick Carraway was more awkward and inexperienced than he should be, and Daisy more sympathetic than she is, but on the whole, I thought the characters were excellent. The music as well was enchanting and complemented the scenes.
So I loved the movie, as much as I loved the book, although the characters felt different. To me, its simply a different interpretation. Perhaps I’ve failed to grasp some subtleties within the text but I’m happy consuming this mass market product of one of America’s finest novels.


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