Everyday life

Cycling through Sungei Kadut

Got home earlier today and decided to go out for a ride.

Unfolded my bike and took off along the Park Connector, towards Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate.

Traffic was lighter than on Saturday and I noticed that I was pedalling against the flow of cyclists. These factory workers who were pedalling towards the town centre.

It was still bright when I set off and I was anxious to be home before it got dark. Sure, I had bicycle lights, but these tiny things aren’t really going to make me that visible. So I pedalled furiously and reached Kranji Reservoir in no time.

There were people sitting on the bank, looking out at the water. Nearby, a coffee shop was opened for business. I spent a few minutes just soaking up the atmosphere. Peace. Tranquility. A scene so difficult to get in Singapore.

And then it was time to return.

Going back, there was more traffic and I was constantly on edge. Although it was a dual carriageway, one side would often be taken up by vehicles parked there. So I had to cycle along the edge of the parking lane. Small pick-up trucks are fine. It is those humongous lorries that really scare me. I would slow down and let them pass.

Most drivers would honk at me before passing by me. I’d like to think that they were trying to give me some warning. And if that is the case, I really do appreciate that.

It was really dusty and fume-y as well. I swear my throat became itchier after the bike ride.

Still, what a pleasure to steal some moments staring across the water at our neighbour.


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