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Diving in Tioman

So, I went diving over the weekend.

Getting a diving license has always been something I wanted to try. Like sky-diving. Something on my checklist to tick off when I’m done. To be honest, I never thought that it would be something I would like to carry on doing for the rest of my life.

So we set off from Singapore in the evening and the bus brought us over to Mersing. We checked into a hotel called Timotel. The rates were around 144 RMB for a double room. It was fine. Nothing fancy.

The next morning, the hotel shuttle bus ferried us to the ferry terminal where we boarded the scuba ship bound for Tioman. Our ship was called Fishermen Reef. Suits the diving school that it carried.

The boat ride was extremely choppy and as soon as it set off, my stomach started to churn. I felt ill all the way until it was time for us to rig up our scuba gear and commence our dive. Still feeling ill and probably looking as green as the water, I jumped into the sea.

We practised our skills at the bottom of the sea bed. I had trouble with achieving neutral buoyancy as I kept sinking and hitting the sea bed. Turns out I was too ‘negative’ or ‘overweighted’ and had to lose some of the weights on my weight belt. Eventually, in my last two dives, I got the knack of it with two weights and it was cool.

We swam around, looking for things to see. Most of the time I was trying very hard not to hit the coral reefs. Only manage to get truly comfortable closer to the last few dives. People kept pointing out stuff at me, but sometimes it is quite hard to see what they were seeing.

I did see a turtle, a stingray (beautiful creature) and several eels. Also saw Pufferfish, lots of Angelfish, Parrot fish and lovely schools. And lots more other stuff whose name I don’t know. What I do know is that the underwater world is truly a fascinating one.

After 5 dives in Tioman, I was finally certified as a diver! And it was on the last dive that we saw a turtle & the stingray. What a great way to end the trip.


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