Everyday life

Lead falls indoors

We have been hard wired to dislike falling. Evolution had made it so. The result being that I never liked to take falls longer than 2m on lead. I hate the feeling of your stomach falling out and the inevitable crash against the wall.

And that’s indoors.

But you would not be a better climber if the fear of falling is not conquered. You would never dare to go for moves you might fail on. You would never push yourself to the limit.

But it is more about being a better climber. It is about facing up to one’s fears. From being held hostage to it, to finally partnering it to achieve greater things.

So now I try to fall more. Deliberately, surprisingly, I take it anyhow. Falls more than just a gentle slump in the rope. Falls that are long but soft.

And in that moment when your fingers slip off the hold, your senses become sharper and you can see the wall flying up above you, the brightly colored holds rushing up to the ceiling. Seconds seem to pass before the rope jerks and your feet bounces off the wall. It’s a fascinating experience.


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