Next to normal

Next to Normal by Pangdemonium is currently showing now. Definitely worth a watch!

I pretty much went into the theatre without knowing what the story was about (didn’t have time to check it out), but the opening act started with the actors and actresses coming out to sing and I thought, hey, this is a musical–let’s hope the singing holds.

And it did, much to my pleasant surprise. West end actress Sally Ann Triplett was brilliant in terms of both acting and singing, but Adrian Pang, Julia Abueva and Nathan Hartono were excellent as well. Linden Fumell sounded a slight uncertain, but altogether, they pulled off a musical that in my opinion, is fit for the West End. For me, definitely much better than Rabbit Hole.


The story is also an important one. About mental illness in the family, and how the family copes or fails to cope with it. At times the doctors seemed hopelessly inept. At times, the patient seemed so unwilling to help herself.

Its a brilliant production. Definitely a must-catch for theatre-lovers


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