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Service 972

Service 972 officially launched today. Operating out of bukit panjang temporary bus interchange, It’s first stop is at blk 604 along bukit panjang road. It then follows the route of service 922 all the way till bangkit lrt station. Instead of looping around bangkit road, it turns into bukit panjang road, calling at the super bus stop and finally following the route of service 190 all the way to dhoby ghaut mrt station. There is no terminal point in the city. Instead, the service loops around bencoolen street, and then heads back to bukit panjang.

I didn’t manage to catch the first bus (had a drink too many the night before) but I boarded at the first stop at around 0956. There were several bus fan suspects with me. Felt a little foolish taking a photo of the bus, but then this service is special to me.

There were several drivers in training on the bus. Someone was giving them instructions. The bus literally crawled on the road. I could probably have walked faster. But it could be because of the narrow roads and inexperienced driver. I give the operator the benefit of doubt.

For the first day, I thought that the service was quite Well received. Families boarded. People going to work boarded (I Actually saw my hairdresser). All bukit panjang people. When the bus turned into bpj road, you could see 190 just slightly behind. And you could feel a wave of amusement wash through the bus as the comfortably seated passengers empathised with the packed passengers on 190.

Several people alighted at the super bus stop.

We got overtaken by 190 along the highway but I was happy enough to be seated and Let 972 chug along steadily.

Along Stevens road, passengers at the bus stop were pleasantly surprised to find another option to orchard road. “You’ve got to love singapore”, she exclaimed.

I got off at dhoby ghaut, along with most others. The rest stayed on, continuing their journey on 972. But I have to carry on along my own journey to my own destination.


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