Everyday life

Cycling at night

Cycling at night has its advantages. With the sun gone, there’s no risk of becoming tanned. It is cooler, and there is less traffic. Unfortunately, the quietness of the night can turn into a problem. I summed up my courage and prepared myself to head into through Neo Tiew Road to get to Lim Chu Kang. But just shortly after I crossed Kranji Reservoir, I spied a wild dog loitering at the side of the road. Not caring too much if there were cars coming, I made a u-turn immediately, and pedalled back.

I was cycling along the park connector, close to home when something ran out from the grass to my left. When I realized it was a rat, I screamed, much to my embarrassment. I’m glad it was too dark for people to see my face. I hope they weren’t wondering too much about who gave that cry. I absolutely detest rats.

It will be a while before I decide to go cycling at night again.



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