Everyday life

Grocery shopping

Cooking starts from grocery shopping. And grocery shopping in Singapore, especially where I live, is a chore.

In the town centre, there is one tiny NTUC that serves thousands of residents. The old NTUC used to be much more spacious. Since they moved to the shopping mall, the shop space has reduced. Prams, trolleys, baskets and hundreds of people fight for space in this tiny area. And the aircon is always freezing cold.

Everytime that I’m there, there is a long queue. I end up waiting 20 over minutes just to buy a few items. That is, if I can even find the stuff that I want. Most times, the goods are out of stock or just unavailable.

I miss the abundance of grocery shops in London. Apart from the big supermarket chains on every other street, there are small grocers scattered around the city.

I would love to cook more, but the pre-activity of grocery shopping is just so painful that I can’t bring myself to do it.


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