Everyday life


I was at breadtalk at raffles city looking to buy some bread. I must habe walked around the entire shop thrice. The bread was expensive, sugary and tiny.

While walking around, i saw an old lady, walking with a cane and carrying a takeaway cup, peering at the assorted bread.

I finally decided ill get the seeded bread even though it is a hefty $2. Totally not worth it. But it felt more nitritous then the rest. As i walked away, the old lady took a tray and carefully hobbled around the shop, taking 3 pieces of bread. Each time, she had to put the tray down and then lean on her cane with one hand and pick the bread out with another.

I thought she was a cleaning auntie. She was definitely wearing a uniform. As she hobbled to the counter, i wonder how much of her daily salary is she using to pay for the bread.

I could see the shock on her face when the cashier told her how much the bill was.

And i wondered who she was buying it for. Herself as a treat? Her children? Her grandchildren?

And other questions emerged. Why is she still working? Where are her children?

And i felt so guilty for having done nothing but stare at her. It would have been so easy to bring some cheer to her life… but i stopped short of that.


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