Everyday life

Travelling unaccompanied

I saw a little boy taking public transport on his own the other day.

I was a Jurong East platform towards Pasir Ris when I saw this figure half my height, carrying a big half the size of him, leaning over the railings at Jurong East. He appeared to be alone. He didn’t talk to anyone, no one talked to him.

When the train pulled in, he joined the group of grown-ups jostling for the train. This little boy who couldn’t be more than 10 years old, was swallowed up by the crowd as they jostled around him. He eventually got on the train (I didn’t) and he had an extremely pissed off look as he stared out.

Even though I was taking public transport on my own since Primary 4, it still surprised me that he was travelling unaccompanied.


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