Everyday life

The land down under

I’ve been to many places in Europe–Paris, Rome, Berlin, Krakow etc, but this is my first time ever visiting the land down under–Australia, where kangaroos and Koala come from. 

I’ve met a couple of Australians in my travels and at work, which left an impression. But that’s quite different from the Australians I met on this trip. 

And I never expected Australia to be quite so beautiful. There was that moment in Kalbarri, when I looked out from the sandstone cliff onto the roaring waves crashing into the layered rocks below, while the setting sun cast an orange hue over the land. The world never looked more beautiful. Life never felt so real. 

Then there were other moments, driving along the never-ending road in the heat of Western Australian’s winter, dry land and short shrubs all around you, that you felt completely at the mercy of the elements. That everything was raw, harsh and unforgiving. 

But there was also the lush greenery of the Margaret River, where vineyards are looked after tenderly by the knowledgable winemakers of the region. Here, tall trees grow alongside the roads, the road hugs the coastline and grass and rainfall is plentiful. 

There’s a surprising number of species of birds. Their chirps fill the morning air with cheerful sounds. 

The bread is delicious. Fresh from the oven, soft and tender inside while fragrant and chewy on the outside. 

And the people. Thank you for the hospitality and the good care taken of this place so that people like me can enjoy it. 

When I’m back here, it won’t just be an eating and drinking tour. Will definitely do some hiking in the bushes, cycling and water sports. Till then. 



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