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Rockface Indoor Climbing Centre

On Tuesday, the two girls drove more than 850km from Monkey Mia back to Perth. We set off around 9am, saw the landscape changed several times before we finally reached Perth, about 9 to 10 hours later. Kudos to them. And we learnt some things from the drive — Geraldton’s radio station reaches quite far North, but Perth’s got the best music stations. Long-trains can overtake caravan-hauling cars and it is possible to drive from Monkey Mia to Perth (or vice-versa) in a day.

We only had two nights and a day in Perth and I really wanted to check out the climbing gyms. Thankfully, there was one–Rockface indoor climbing centre on John Street, just 1.5km from where we stayed. I so I trotted off, after stuffing myself with some bread, to have a small taste of the climbing gyms in Perth.

The streets were quiet at half past 7 on a weekday evening, and as I walked along the unfamiliar streets, Google Map in hand, there was a small amount of excitement that coursed through my veins, in venturing into the unknown. I passed by graffiti covered walls, empty carparks, pubs with live music playing inside, well groomed city-folks having dinner in dark restaurants, a small park, a petrol kiosk…

The climbing gym was in a warehouse at the very end of the road. It was so far at the end that I almost turned back and walked away, thinking I had gotten the place wrong. Then I saw colourful handholds in what seemed like a warehouse and I knew I was in the right place.

The place had the vibe of a climbing centre. It reminded me somewhat of Westway, somewhat of The Arch at London Bridge. There was much more rope walls then bouldering areas. In fact, I think if I had lived in Perth, I would be bored of the bouldering all too soon. The leading wall was under renovation, but the top-rope walls were filled with people. I didn’t hang around to observe, but I thought the people looked more like casual/beginner climbers than ones who’ve got their own rack and stuff.

There weren’t that many people bouldering, for which I was glad for, since the area is really not that big. Probably just slightly bigger than the first floor of Climb Asia’s bouldering gym. It had quite a nice roof though, and a nice steep hanging wall. The boulder problems were pretty good. There was one section that really reminded me of one of the rooms at The Arch London Bridge. I had a few gos at the V3s and managed to get a few of them. They seem to be graded slightly harder than those in UK but slightly easier than the ones in Singapore. At least for this gym.

Met a couple of interesting people there too! Am always glad to meet other climbers around the world. And I learnt a new game that climbers can play, called “Add-on”, where each climber just adds on another handhold to the previous climber’s handhold. Until no one else can complete the route I guess.

I stayed there till around half 9 but by then the place was almost emptied out. I guess people in Perth sleep early. Even though I prefer climbing gyms with much bigger bouldering area, I really do like the vibe at Rockface Indoor Climbing Gym. Friendly, easy-going climbers who are game to try new things and climb hard. Benches and tables all around for people to gather, chat and just socialise.

Shame I don’t have a photo of the place though!



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