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Level up!

I’ve stopped counting the months. I still know it is October though, but the time past no longer matters. Someday, I’ll know when the time comes, that I will forget the month, and then the year. Yes, time does that.

The best thing about work, is being forced to work with different types of people. I think that really forced me to grow up. At least now I’m aware–that doesn’t mean I’ve taken the steps to change–but at least I now know what I didn’t two years ago. And there will be more to learn. Every challenge throws up an opportunity to learn something new.


I lead two 6b+ at Onsight today! Was extremely proud of myself. The first green 6b+ was actually something that I had done twice before, and those first two attempts were quite horrible–resting at every clip. This time, it was way better, except that I did grab the second last quickdraw. Note to self–don’t bother with the last clip–just head to the top.

The second blue 6b+ was one which I had done on top-rope the week before. When I did it on top, it was a pretty bad experience. I remember doing a lot of high steps and balking at one move just below the incline, wondering how the hell can people lead that. I remember the overhang portion was completed in desperation, with rests at practically every hold. But I was very encouraged by one of my friend who did it, so I decided to give it a shot.

It went so much better than expected. 3 rests to the top. Funnily, I think I climb a lot better when I’m leading. I’m more focused on making the correct moves, rather than just racing to the top. I definitely take greater care of where I place my feet.

So after about 2 years of leading at Onsight, starting from the most modest 6a, on the flatest part of the wall, I’m finally confident enough to say that I can lead 6bs!

Will be looking forward to see how well I can climb outdoors the next chance I have to do so. (:




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