Everyday life

A place full of possibilities

I work just outside the city, in the grey zone that is between the living and the working. The station where I exit from, is frequented by a mixture of local residents going about their daily business in their slippers, shorts and singlets, tourists with their arsenal of camera, maps and sunglasses, the occasional smart city worker, and us.

So I always feel like I’m hit by a wave of glamour and glitz whenever I’m in downtown on weekdays–mostly weekday evenings. Downtown folks are of a different breed. They dress smartly, they walk with a purposeful click for each step, they sit around in pubs drinking beer after work. It feels so different from the other parts of Singapore that I know.

And I know watching these fashionable, excitable, hopeful people deep in conversations with each other, laughing, flirting, consuming alochol, food and music. I love to see how much they are enjoying their lives (I hope they do at least). I love seeing all these strangers thrown together in a city, acknowledging and condoning each other’s presence even if we would never speak a word to each other.

Some people find cities disconcertingly lonely because you’re surrounded by strangers. I find it romantic in that it is a place that is full of possibilities.


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