Everyday life


Despite sleeping at 4am in the morning, I woke up at 9am raring to send some routes on the onsight lead wall (put up just a few weeks ago). It was pretty crowded for a Sunday morning. Likely that people were there to check out the new routes as well.

My goal that day was to finish sending all the 6b routes. I’d done one of them previously, but didn’t manage to try any of the other 3. The first 6b I did was the brown one cause I heard that it didn’t feel like a proper 6b+ and I wanted to start off with the simplest one. I did onsight it, which made me think that it really wasn’t a 6b+, maybe not even a 6b.

The second 6b I did was the grey route, which I kept calling black for some reasons. Everytime I refer to the route, my friends will say, what black? you mean the grey one? Yes, it is the grey route. It was interesting, and I think I only rested once on the route. I then went on to do an ungraded purple, which I think may be a 6b/6b+. I did cheat to clip in near the top, although on hindsight, I probably didn’t need to. Was just so pumped thinking that it was a hard route–my legs were shaking as I was climbing. Finally ended off the session with the lovely yellow 6b+. Now that’s a proper 6b, although I’ll hesitate to call it a 6b+. It’s a route for crimping, which happens to be something I do pretty well. Sent that with one rest near the top.

So after sending all the 6b routes, I think I won’t be fair to myself if I don’t go on to try 6c routes. I mean, I could try to flash the 6b routes–do them clean without resting–but once that’s done, there’s no excuse for me not to try 6cs. There’s a lovely bright orange one which I would love to try simply because of the colour.

I’m not sure if I’ve been getting stronger because I’ve been climbing more, or if it is because the grades have become softer, or if it is because I’ve been eating better. Either ways, the result is that I’ve been climbing better grades.

Psyched to go back bouldering sometime this week.


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