Everyday life

Silver lining

This week felt like it was going on forever. Slept badly last night and ended up having strange dreams. Left work thinking that tomorrow would be the day of the briefing, until something else reminded me that it was only Wednesday today.

I was looking forward to trying out some of the harder bouldering routes at OS today, but when I stepped into the gym, my heart sank. It was insanely crowded. With ‘kids’. The thing I hate most about these ‘kids’ is that they climb in groups. When they are there, they occupy the entire wall, and they don’t really give others a chance to try their routes. They just keep going one after another and are seemingly unaware that there are people who don’t belong to their group that also want to climb.

It is this lack of awareness and consideration for the people around them that I really dislike. I’m not saying that they are the only ones. I’ve encountered other groups that are also extremely unaware. Perhaps it is an asian thing, because I find that the Western people are generally more considerate when bouldering.

In any case, I’ll think twice about going to OS from now on. It’s just incredibly ridiculous, how crowded it gets. Besides, I’ve always preferred the bouldering at kinetics anyway.

Then things went downhill.. Or maybe you’re just more aware of it because you’re unhappy already. Landed on a volume when I fell and really hurt my feet. Ankle feels fine though, thankfully. Then stupidly went to try a route while my finger was still hurting when a previous climb and ended up really hurting it. It looks like a pulley injury ):  After being so proud that I’ve not gotten an injury in 4 years of climbing, I don’t wanna start now. I left the gym after that, even though it wasn’t even half 9.

Was feeling quite upset when I boarded the taxi.

But then the taxi driver turned out to be a real entertainer. Really nice chap to talk to. He was pretty entertaining and I was happy to just be entertained. It’s nice when people want to connect with you, and it felt like he appreciated being able to talk to me. So that really helped to cheer me up.

And then I recalled how during the day, various people dropped by in my life to lift my spirits up, and for that I’m really grateful. I need all the positive energy I can get over the next few days.


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