Everyday life

Lazy day

The weather today looks more like the typical weather in London than in Singapore. Wet and grey. I call it the weepy rain.

Friend brought me and my friend along to River Safari. The weather turned out to be a blessing as it kept the crowds away. The entire place was quite informative without being information overload, so I thought it was pretty pleasant. I was told the boat ride was terrible but perhaps because of that I adjusted my expectations and I thought it was pretty okay actually. Maybe they can improve their reviews by reviewing their pricing policy (have it as an opt-out addition rather than an add-on).

All the same, I don’t think I will ever visit the zoos again. There’s something about people crowding around watching wild animals in enclosures that isn’t very nice. Especially the polar bear which we saw which was the same polar bear in the zoo. Poor guy just kept swimming around in circles. It’s clearly not a happy bear.

Came home and crashed for a few hours. It’s just been such a strange few weeks. The line between dreams and reality blur and fade into each other…


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