Everyday life


The winds are changing.

Stepped out this morning to cool balmy weather. The air was soft and comforting, wrapping you around like an old friend, gently sending you to work, nudging you to December.

The weather has changed.

And there are other changes underway. The voices on the ground, the voices in the government, slowly, surely, they are changing.

I saw a boy on the bus on the way home yesterday. It took me a while to determine that he was a boy. Such red lips and fair skin he had! Slight of frame as well. And I wondered of the friend next to him. Perhaps they are good friends.

I used to get into work early to miss the peak hour crowd. And then during the school holidays I’ll sleep in a little and travel at my preferred time. And then when school holidays ended I’ll revert back to traveling earlier.

Train crowding has not been a factor for traveling early since the school holidays ended in June. Yes, there are days where, because of the scheduling or train withdrawals, its gotten extremely crowded. But those are isolated events. On the whole, it seems to me the new trains have made a difference.

Batu caves!


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