Everyday life

Fixing the body

Woke up feeling much better today. If I restrict my range of motions, I would be almost pain free. There’s just a niggling feeling in my arm and the neck/shoulders hurt if I put it in a certain position. Strength-wise, I don’t feel much weaker, although I must say my third finger still tingles.

The tingling was something that had started a while ago, but I had thought it was due to a recovering pulley–it was the same finger. But after reading about the different parts of the nerve roots, I think the tingling in the middle finger was actually a result of the disc at C6-C7 impinging on the nerve roots.

I know my lower back isn’t great as well, and I woke up in the middle of the night with numbness in my leg. A really bad sign. Will have to do exercises to make sure things don’t deteriorate.

I’ve always paid little attention to stretching and signs of discomfort from my body. This is a consequence of that. So right now, I’m going to try and fix my body as much as I can. Climbing and everything else will just have to wait.


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