Everyday life


I went for a swim today. This is the first workout I have done since I stopped climbing more than 3 weeks ago. It hadn’t been easy, not climbing. But today, when I slid into the water, I was grateful to still be able to execute those strokes. My last swim must have been about a year ago. I learnt how to swim when I was 10. Thereafter it was on and off. Only began to pick it up again before uni and during uni. I used to be unable to swim a full length of freestyle, but I now could. I wasn’t sure whether all the head turning for freestyle or head lifting for breast stroke was really good for the neck, so I tried to be pretty careful. Also tried not to aggravate my knees further. Had to constantly rein myself in and not exert too much. Guess I should be thankful to be able to still swim.


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