Everyday life


4 years ago, my friends and I huddled around our laptops, watching, listening and reading about rallies from plastic screens. How the pictures and words tugged at our hearts. Miles away from home, we relied on social and official media to understand the sentiments on the ground for the upcoming general elections.

Funny how this time round, when I’m actually in Singapore, I’m less in tune with the election news.

I did attend a WP rally for the first time though and saw for myself how they managed to move crowds. But I couldn’t help the skepticism from arising in me. The same skepticism when I hear our government speaks.

I’m glad that I’m not in a hotly contested ward, that the weight of my vote doesn’t hang so strongly on my heart. There are two possible futures and I can’t say for sure one is better than the other. Perhaps I am taking the easy way out by sitting on the fence and refusing to choose, refusing to defend. But honestly I think what is important is making the best of whichever future we find ourselves in. Mayhaps this pragmatism is precisely a product of the system.

If I do have to choose, I would choose the one(s) of character. That is the hardest to change and the greatest strength in times of adversity.


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