Everyday life

On traveling alone

Traveling alone feels like such a decadent thing to do. You don’t have to worry about or be concerned about anyone else apart from yourself. Just do whatever you want.

It takes some time getting used to. I’m mot entirely sure I prefer it to traveling with company. Perhaps the best would be a combination of two.


Kids in Siem Reap have such glib tongues. When I told the kid who kept pestering me to buy a bracelet that I don’t need one, she responded by saying ‘you don’t need one, you need two’.

They have a sense of humour alright.

I stumbled onto two establishments frequented by locals. I only realized later but motorcycles were parked outside the shop, belonging to those people who traveled there specifically. One sold satay food, the other only served coffee. Both were along the way back to the airbnb. These places had guests almost throughout the day.


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