Everyday life


Most airports are unpleasant places but Bangkok airport ranks near the bottom with Heathrow in my experience.

Crowded, super busy, noisy. It ishard to find food here and it doesn’t look pretty.

But it serves it purpose. Connecting people to where they want and need to go.


There was this lady from China kicking up a fuss at MacDonald because the staff apparently didn’t give her the coke she ordered. She kept yelling in Mandarin, getting increasingly frustrated. I wonder why she expected the Thai staff to understand her.

I wanted to intervene and explain her concerns but I wasn’t close enough to them and so decided to just hang back. But I was getting frustrated by her frustrations.

I wanted to apologise to the staff on her behalf. Not all customers are like that. I appreciate them doing their job serving us hungry and time pressed folks.

We could do with abit more respect for each other in this world.


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