Everyday life


Lead 2 6cs today – first time.

Super scary.

But happy to say, I held the tiles to clip in for both climbs, although for the first climb, it took me the second try to do that. The first time I did it, I was super scared – of what I didn’t know. But I felt there was a great chance that I would fall. The second time I did it, I finished it with 2 rests. I ‘chionged’ to the 6th clip and then ran out of steam. I rested, then went up 2 more clips, then rested and finished it.

The second 6c I tried is supposed to be not too hard, but I found it really scary. I hadn’t done many 6cs before, and was really not used to doing such hard movements consistently.

Many times I found myself looking up, thinking, omg there are still so many clips to go, omg I have to go through the fear of not being able to clip. But it is good that I am feeling that fear again – it means I’m pushing myself!



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