Everyday life


The one thing that has bugged me very much this year was how much I was consuming.

I thought about how much flying I had done – for all the climbing that I did. Those carbon emissions add up. I thought about all those fancy restaurants I’ve eaten at and all the whisky and wine I drank. Yeah the food was great and the alcohol made me happy – but how much happier? Was it worth all that it took to put the food on the table and the alcohol in my tummy?

Far too often I cared about what other people thought. Cared about wanting to fit in and keeping up with society. But perhaps I should care more about what I valued and how I viewed myself.

If I valued reducing consumption, if I thought that paying alot of money for unhealthy food didn’t make sense, then perhaps I should pursue activities that reflected that. Eat less, eat better, spend time doing costless things rather than spend money on things and experiences. Look for pleasures closer to home rather than overseas, take comfort and joy in the simplest of things – a walk along the canal. A visit to East Coast park.

There are still many material goods, food and experiences that I want, that is bad for the environment and I wouldn’t dare say I would give up all of them, I wouldn’t even dare say I would give up 10% of them. But I would dare say I would think twice and think hard about where I travel to, what I eat and what I buy.

That is a first baby step, but I console myself that at least that is a step.


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