Everyday life


Been reading “Mental Training for Rock Climbing” https://www.amazon.com/Rock-Warriors-Way-Training-Climbers/dp/0974011215, and been thinking about the way the world is going, and here’s what I’ve surmised and learnt so far.

I do feel the world is careening towards chaos. Maybe WW3 is coming. Maybe someone like Hitler is going to emerge. Maybe a repeat of the 1998 financial crisis is going to take place. I don’t know what will happen, but I do feel that something bad is going to take place in the world and Singapore is going to suffer for it.

And there’s nothing I could do to change the events. Perhaps if I work really really really hard, I may be able to influence it. But it almost feels like a prophecy that you can’t prevent. History repeats itself and no power of mankind can stop it.

But even if there nothing in my power to prevent the chaos from happening (by the way, I do think that ‘good’ will come out from the chaos, if there is ever a ‘good’ and ‘bad’), there are still things that I will do. And it isn’t that I believe I can change the world – but it is, I think as mentioned in the book, to attain mastery.

Perhaps my journey in life is one towards achieving self-atualization. I may never reach there, but the process of trying is what matters. And so there will be things that I do because they bring me knowledge and mastery about myself.

And perhaps, that is all that matters.


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