Everyday life


Taking Japanese lessons on Saturdays in town allows me to spend time in a part of the country which I rarely go to these days – the city. 

Alighting at City Hall, the streets were busy but with none of the chaos that characterises weekday peak times. Strolling between buildings, you see locals and tourists living in the city. And a tinge of excitement rushed through me. Yes! That’s why people are drawn to cities! It’s the illusion of endless possibilities! The promise that anything and everything you ever wanted can happen. 

Even if none of that ever does. 

I was looking for a special exhibit at the ACM but then I unexpectedly stumbled upon some beautiful music. The last time music almost made me cry was when listening to Alfie Boe play Jean Valjiean in Les Mis. I never imagined my heart will be so moved again, at least not in Singaporean and not by Singaporeans. but Lo and behold what talent we harbour on our tiny shores. Voices and music that stirred the soul and  brought tears to my eyes. 

And even though the city felt a little like a stranger to me, it felt familiar in that, like many cities dear to me, there are surprises and treasures around every corner. 


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