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Climbers in Tonsai

We spent about 4 days in Tonsai, and met many other climbers. It was easy to chat them up – we had much in common despite our nationalities.

So many different climbing partners throughout the years – so many different people I went multi-pitching with. Climbing is a very lonely affair – you’re the only person on the route, yet climbing without the social aspect would not be climbing.

If you’re the only person who’s done the route – who would be able to share your experience? Who else would know how bad the crimp was, or how powerful the moves were. Only if someone else climbed it too.

And at the end of the day, climbers gather at Freedom Bar, or Viking Bar or Mama’s kitchen for a good meal, drinks and good conversations.

You can see the constellations from Freedom bar, and the light shining up Thaiwand wall in the distance. It is peaceful, and windy, and some climbers come strolling in at 10pm looking utterly wasted….

That’s climbing in Tonsai.



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