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ever tried to catch a snowflake with your tongue?

The Four Myths of Inequality in Singapore by Donald Low http://theonlinecitizen.com/2011/10/the-four-myths-of-inequality-in-singapore/ Heard about it from him during the talk that he gave at LSE this evening. It was a very engaging presentation and lively q & a. Much of the presentation alluded to the first section of the paper that he co-authored with other people…… Continue reading ever tried to catch a snowflake with your tongue?

Everyday life

Inequality and the need for a new social compact

Singapore Perspectives 2012 Singapore inclusive: bridging divides Background paper: Inequality and the need for a new social compact by Manu Bhaskaran Ho Seng Chee Donald Low Tan Kim Song Sudhir Vadaketh Yeoh Lam Keong http://www.spp.nus.edu.sg/ips/docs/events/p2012/SP2012_Bkgd%20Pa.pdf Brilliant insightful piece. Drawing on very recent research, economic policy papers and behavioural economics and psychology. A timely paper indeed.…… Continue reading Inequality and the need for a new social compact


Occupy Wall Street (OWS)

Great article called “Occupy: The day after”, with lots of reference to the idea of public space http://places.designobserver.com/feature/occupy-the-day-after/31698/ Some excerpts from it: That what we callĀ public spaceĀ is not and cannot be truly public in the sense of universally available and accessible to all; and yet, that we have every right to expect it to be…… Continue reading Occupy Wall Street (OWS)

Everyday life

Goodge street station. Lunchtime. Fruit stall in front of the station. A newspaper stand on the South side of the fruit stall. Man in his 40s. Tall. Wearing a long black coat. Light coloured scarf. A hat. Strumming a Ukelele? Singing. Not very in tune with the music, not very pleasant, but very loud. Self-absorbed.…… Continue reading