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The conceptualisation of this blog began in January 2011 London, inspired by a course I took at UCL. The ideas behind, (created as part of the course assessment) is the reason for the birth of this artificial, web space.


I was then a student at UCL, living in London. I was conscious of the multiple identities I carried–Singaporean, Chinese, Londoner. The blog started documenting ‘everyday-life’ in London, but also other places that I visited, including my home for the summer–Singapore.

But in October 2012, I packed up four years of life in London into suitcases, left part of myself behind, and returned to Singapore. The practice of observing and documenting ‘everyday-life’ will continue here in Singapore.

I’m a avid sports fan–I climb (hence a lot of entries talk about rock-climbing), swim, cycle (gave up running because of my knees), go for classes. I’m a bookworm, I love reading books. Used to read a lot of fiction (especially fantasy) but I’ve had to ration my reading time and have increasingly switched to non-fiction books. I work for the government in the transport industry, hence my posts have a strong inclination towards transport matters.

Other than that, I’m just like any other person out there in the world–trying to find meaning and joy in the things I do everyday.


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